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"Jail Time, What you need to know...Before you go to federal prison!" is over 400 pages of invaluable information about federal incarceration and how to prepare for it. No one is fully prepared for what is about to happen. You realize that you are going to federal prison and you face incarceration, but you have no idea of the process involved, what to expect, and how to deal with the overall situation. You are experiencing fear, apprehension, and anxiety. How will your family go on without you? What about income, your personal property, your assets, your job? How will you get along without your family? You are facing a situation in which you have absolutely no control. You have heard many stories about prison life from books, television, movies, and the news media. Is it really like Oz, Prison Break, or the Shawshank Redemption? You don't know what is true and what is false and worse yet, you don't know where to go to get the truth. It is the fear of not knowing that is adding to your mounting fear and apprehension.

This introduction helps the reader to use and understand Jail Time, the book. It is our Getting Started chapter. It describes what Jail Time Consulting is and explains what Jail Time and Jail Time Consulting can do for the defendant. Both Jail Time Consulting and Jail Time are presented in an easy to read format. The introduction explains the four divisions of Jail Time Consulting; Jail Time the book, JT Services, JT Research and the JT Family Support System. It further describes how Jail Time and Jail Time Consulting can benefit the defendant both prior to sentencing and later on as a federal inmate. Jail Time and Jail Time Consulting, if used effectively, can prepare and position the defendant to take advantage of the many programs offered by the Bureau of Prisons including those that can reduce the inmate's length of sentence.


Jail Time is a collaboration of many people. Most of the people who contributed to Jail Time never realized that they contributed. Inmates opened up to me their feelings of frustration, helplessness, and despair. They told me of their own experiences while in Federal Prison Camps Miami, Eglin, Pensacola, Talladega, Lompoc, Beaumont, and many others. Others shared their experiences in Federal Correctional Institutions, both low and medium security, in the Bureau of Prisons' system. They spoke of their experiences with Bureau of Prisons' guards and staff members, their involvement with other inmates, and the pain and anguish their family endured. The families of inmates also shared their feelings with me, their questions, their concerns and their fears. Bureau of Prisons' guards and staff members contributed to Jail Time also. Many knowingly contributed, others contributed by just continuing to perform their jobs in the same absurd, ludicrous, and outlandish manner day in and day out. Perhaps the one defining statement that most inmates voiced about federal prison was, "When I tell one of my friends on the outside about this place and what goes on, they just won't believe it!" Many of the inmates would never tell their wives, girlfriends, and families about their daily occurrences so as not to burden them. When I went to prison, my family was literally incarcerated too. My daughters and wife, while steadfast and strong in support of their father and husband, suffered immeasurably. They had no support system to fall back on, no one to talk to, and no one to ask questions. They had no one to rely on for help and support. This is why Jail Time Consulting was formed.


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